Training alone is not enough. Ensuring safety standards and procedures are critical to sustaining the saftey culture at your facility.  However, learning retention studies show most workers forget the content if it's not consistently and constantly reinforced on the floor.




Alchemy has designed a complete program for taking employee development from a check-the-box activity to an integrated safety system creating a culture of continuous improvement. Alchemy's Communications program is the only one of its kind in the food industry, and uses a mix of digital and print tools to drive safety awareness and supervisor-employee interaction. This is a complete and coordinated program on specific monthly topics.

Key components of the program include:

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Huddle Guides

  • Inform and engage workers with practical tools and information
  • Equip Managers and Supervisors to be safety leaders

  Printed Posters


  • Reinforce discussion topics with strategically placed posters in common and high risk areas


Digital Signage


  • Reinforce key training topics
  • Improve control and message quality to entire company

Coach Observations

  • Increase supervisor/employee interaction and communication on-the-floor
  • Validate employee understanding and retention of safety procedures


70% of supervisors say the huddle approach to reinforcement is effective for their employees**


43% of food workers say they rarely or never receive coaching from their manager/supervisor**

 ** Source: Mind of the Food Worker Study

Additional Content

  • 3-5 minute bonus videos available for some topics for use on digital signage