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How to Successfully Attract, Retain, and Develop Your
Multi-generational Workforce

Discover the value of attracting, retaining, and developing your best talent.


Today’s workforce spans four generations, each with its own set of behaviors and preferences. It can be hard to manage such a varied group, especially when you have to deal with turnover. Replacing an employee costs an estimated one-half to five times their annual salary. In an industry with ever-shrinking profit margins, we cannot afford to lose our best talent. Developing your employees is a practical, proven way to retain your best team members, and the payback stretches beyond employee satisfaction.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although there is variation in what motivates each generation, we should focus on the commonalities among them to provide opportunities that motivate all
  • Retention should be employers’ number one priority. Find out how much it costs to attract new talent at your company by conducting a cost analysis
  • There is no such thing as too much recognition! As long as the recognition is true and genuine, employees will benefit and grow from the feedback
  • Compensation is not the only motivator for employees. Consider offering unique competitive benefits, such as gym membership or family care, to attract and retain employees

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Featured Panelists


C. Spencer Reynolds
C. Spencer Reynolds has been running and training small businesses for the past 20 years. He has spent the past 10 years training small business owners how to put systems and processes in place to generate predictable results. As a coach and mentor serving companies from coast to coast, he has brought the power of learning to companies, and helped bolster employee engagement and retention.


Wes Burke
Wes Burke is Alchemy’s Director of Human Resources. He brings a strong retail background with expertise in talent management, employee engagement, and leadership development. Prior to joining the Alchemy team, Wes worked for Target Corporation, supporting 12,000 team members across stores in South Texas.