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According to the Center for Research and Public Policy (CRPP), 93% of food workers have the confidence to stop working when there is a safety or product problem. Yet 50% of them go to work when they are sick. Clearly there is a challenge to balance team commitment with food safety impact.

CRPP and Alchemy share findings from a breakthrough study on thousands of food workers and supervisors on implications for workplace practices and management. Gain insight into their attitudes and engagement around work, management, and company and what you can do to make the right connections with your employees.

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Featured Panelists:

Jerry Lindsley, President, The Center for Research and Public Policy
Jerry C. Lindsley is President and founder of The Center for Research and Public Policy (CRPP), a national research think tank working within six distinct disciplines including Market, Social, Public Policy Research and Public Opinion, Policy and Direct Democracy Polling.  The respected firm has built a solid reputation since 1979 for objectivity and independence. 

Laura Dunn Nelson, Vice President, Alchemy
Laura has over 25 years of front-line experience implementing food safety and quality control programs for processing, packaging, foodservice, and retail operations. She has hands-on experience working with thousands of workers in assessing their activities and engagement to ensure SOP compliance and best practices.