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FSMA’s New Sanitary Transportation Rule:
How to Prepare Your Game Plan for Compliance

Learn about FSMA's new Sanitary Transport Rule and find out what your company needs to do to comply.


On April 6, 2016, the FDA released the final Sanitary Transport Rule affecting food transportation. These latest regulations impact the sanitary transportation of food for shippers, carriers, and receivers, and impact the whole food supply chain – from Manufacturers to Warehousing to Retail and Food Service. View our webinar to learn about the impact of the STR on your employees and to find out how you can ensure compliance at your company. 

Don’t let the new rules slow you down! Prepare your plan of action for meeting the new requirements today.

Key Takeaways:

  • To determine sanitary conditions and controls needed for transportation, consider the type of food and its stage in the production cycle 
  • Effective training is integral to complying with the new rules and preventing costly safety incidents. Utilizing a blended learning strategy is a great way to engage employees
  • Document, document, document! Robust recordkeeping is a must for keeping up with the rule’s requirements
  • It is important to establish a clear process for exchanging information among all stakeholders so that miscommunication does not lead to safety mishaps

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Featured Panelists


Laura McMillan
Laura McMillan is VP of Training Development at Instructional Technologies, Inc. (ITI), a Vancouver, WA based provider of industry leading safety training. She has 25 years of experience in workplace learning and over a decade of experience in transportation/logistics. Laura is an award winning instructional designer, who has presented at numerous industry conferences on ‘best practices in safety training.'


Holly Mockus
Holly has over 30 years of experience in the food industry with companies including ConAgra, Kellogg, and Sara Lee, holding leadership positions in food safety, quality assurance, sanitation, and plant regulatory affairs. She was honored with the 2013 SQF Outstanding Achievement Award and was named 2016 Food Logistics Champion. Holly is passionate about the importance of training in the food industry.