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Simplify GFSI Compliance with Alchemy Coach

Learn how Alchemy Coach can be used to implement GFSI standards into your food safety culture


By setting the right food safety culture, employee compliance with GFSI standards can happen naturally. It all happens with the day-to-day interactions between your front-line employees and supervisors. Alchemy Coach, an award-winning mobile application, enables positive reinforcement, facilitates corrective actions, and helps to measure the health of your culture.

Watch as we show how Coach can be used to implement GFSI standards into your food safety culture.

Learning objectives:

  • Implement GFSI standards into your food safety culture
  • Leverage Alchemy Coach observations to measure employee behaviors
  • Build an ongoing program to facilitate employee/supervisor interaction 

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Featured Panelists


Holly Mockus
Holly has over 30 years of experience in the food industry with companies including ConAgra, Kellogg, and Sara Lee, holding leadership positions in food safety, quality assurance, sanitation, and plant regulatory affairs. She has authored several publications related to the importance of recordkeeping and documentation in the food industry, and was honored with the 2013 SQF Outstanding Achievement Award. 


Lance Lee
Lance has over 7 years experience implementing training, coaching and communication solutions at hundreds of food manufacturing plants around the world. His work with many of the top 100 companies in the industry has been instrumental in improving safety, quality and productivity initiatives to drive bottom-line results.