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Customize any Alchemy course in your library to meet your specific business needs. No more explaining how your company does things versus the Alchemy course information. Edit to your heart's content!




Creator 2 now has a translator tool built right in to do most of the work for you. (Though we do always suggest you have it reviewed by someone who really knows the language.)




Insert your own videos into the courseware and show off your star employees by having them demonstrate the right way to perform a task. (There's always an actor in the crowd - put them to good use!)

But wait, there's more. 

Creator 2 benefits to Alchemy customers and the food industry include:

  • Add company specific and/or worksite specific content to Alchemy courses (No need to add separate or supplemental training)
  • Leverage existing company media such as videos, pictures, and add images to personalize your training content
  • Translate Alchemy courses and offer them in up to 18 different languages
  • Remove Alchemy content that is not desired and/or does not apply to the worksite or company
  • Add or remove depth to or from specific topics in an Alchemy course
  • Create advanced versions and introductory versions of the same course to meet audience learning objectives
  • Publish and automatically distribute new courses to one, a few or all worksites in an organization

  (Please Note: Video files cannot be edited in Creator 2, but can be easily added or deleted)

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Training Dates 

Join a Free Online Training Session

In addition to the upcoming training times listed below, Alchemy hosts Creator sessions the first 4 Wednesdays of every month. Please check our training calendar to register for a course or click here to view a prerecorded training session now.