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Jail Time for Peanut Corporation of America Executives and QA Manager:
Lessons for Food Producers

Explore the PCA case and learn how to prevent a similar situation from occurring in your organization


The salmonella outbreak related to the Peanut Corporation of America’s products resulted in nine deaths and hundreds hospitalized. According to industry estimates, the peanut industry suffered $1 billion in losses from consumers avoiding peanut products.  Recently, two executives were sentenced to 20+ year jail terms and the QA manager was sentenced to a 5 year jail term. These criminal convictions are the first of their kind for a food poisoning outbreak.  Join us as we discuss lessons learned from the PCA case and what you can do to prevent a similar situation from occurring in your organization.

Key Takeaways:

  • As outlined in the Park Doctrine, if a food company executive or manager is aware of a circumstance that could lead to an illness and fails to take action to correct it, he or she can be charged criminally
  • In order to better prepare for FDA inspections, companies should utilize Criminal Protection Audits and Attorney/Client environmental profiling
  • Food industry employees can protect themselves against criminal liability by acting based on the 3 Cs of a food safety culture: compassion, commitment, and communication

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Featured Panelists


Shawn Stevens
Shawn Stevens is one of the only attorneys in the U.S. whose entire practice is devoted exclusively to representing the food industry.  Stevens works nationally with a vast array of clients, including some of the nation’s largest food processors, restaurant chains, food distributors, and grocers.  He also speaks regularly to worldwide audiences on emerging food safety topics.


Terra Brimberry
Terra Brimberry has worked for over 6 years in food manufacturing as an Account Manager for Alchemy Systems. She has supported hundreds of facilities both large and small, assisting them with their training and compliance needs. Terra has over 20 years of experience in training, crisis management, data base systems, and social work.